Risk Amnesia

Michael Giberson Rick Bush explains how one manager prevents “risk amnesia” in a Transmission & Distribution World column. (Reg. required.) Risk amnesia is a condition that can spring up when an investment decision turns out badly, and suddenly no one can recall being part of the decision. Bush wrote: Donnelly cracked me up when he … More Risk Amnesia

Don’t Hire An Mba, Hire A Philosopher

Lynne Kiesling Matthew Stewart, philosopher-turned management consultant-turned philosophy writer, has an essay in the Atlantic on “management science” (subscription required) that is amusing and interesting. [full text available here] Stewart goes through the origins of scientific management, its justifiable place in the dustbin of ideas (although it certainly scared the bejeesus out of Josef Schumpeter, … More Don’t Hire An Mba, Hire A PhilosopherMore Don’t Hire An Mba, Hire A Philosopher