Race Report: Trek Women’s Triathlon Wisconsin

Lynne Kiesling I took some time off from triathlon in 2008, largely due to my cycling focus in preparation for and in the wake of our mondo Lewis & Clark bike ride. But this year I’m back, and today was my first race of the summer. It was a gorgeous day for a race! Punch … More Race Report: Trek Women’s Triathlon Wisconsin

A Triathlete’s Favorite New Yorker Cartoon

Lynne Kiesling The winning caption:  “You’re in trouble when we get to the bicycles!”

Race Report: Tri-shark

Lynne Kiesling We had a sporty weekend here in KP land … on Saturday I participated in the Tri-Shark sprint triathlon outside of Bloomington, Illinois. Here’s an action shot: The race is well-organized and the course is beautiful; Dawson Lake in Moraine View State Park is great for swimming, the bike course has some lovely … More Race Report: Tri-shark

A Triathlon Update

Lynne Kiesling I just got in from the best run I’ve had in four years. Yes, seriously. 60 minutes, strong to the end, probably about six miles total. I’m totally jazzed. Some folks have very kindly asked how my triathlon training is going. Punch line: much better than last year. I credit one thing above … More A Triathlon UpdateMore A Triathlon Update

Bento Box on the Bike: Not What You Think

Lynne Kiesling Here’s an amusing cultural amalgamation: I am getting ready for triathlon season, and so am thumbing through the Tri Zone catalog that just appeared in my mailbox. When you do tris that are Olympic or longer, you want energy and hydration close to hand while you’re on the bike. Here’s a solution: the … More Bento Box on the Bike: Not What You ThinkMore Bento Box on the Bike: Not What You Think