Carnival Of The Capitalists Numero 10

Is up at A Penny For …, and chock-full of interesting goodies that will keep me reading in my snippets of free time all week. Here is the direct link to the post.

Scrolling down I noticed that Todd mentions being at Lambeau Field yesterday, where the Packers scored a great comeback to beat the Bears, yay! Just ’cause I live here don’t mean I root for the Bears … and given how poorly my Steelers are doing this season (notwithstanding yesterday’s win on Jerome Bettis’s superb running), the Packers are my alternate team. Plus, how can you not like a guy like Bret Favre, and the fact that he’s undefeated when the temperature is below 34 F?

Activity here will be light over the next couple of days; I am feeling a little under the weather, and have two review sessions and a committee meeting today, and two final exams to give tomorrow. Then grading commences …

2 thoughts on “Carnival Of The Capitalists Numero 10

  1. How cold was it when the Michael Vick and the Falcons came to Cheesehead stadium and blew out the green and gold in the playoffs? Seems like Brett baby has never really recovered from that loss.

  2. If memory serves, that Atlanta playoff game was the end of the cold-weather home winning streak, as well as the end of a much longer playoff winning streak (OK, not quite as long as the run the New York Yacht Club once enjoyed, but in the Curly Lambeau era, the opposing team was not required to suit up and jog to Green Bay.)

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