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I finally got off my lazy posterior and signed up at The Truth Laid Bear’s Ecosystem, and I am happy to report that I am an Adorable Little Rodent. Must be the pert little nose …

In any case, my recent post on spontaneous order in Hayek and its inspiration, Jonathan Wilde’s Catallarchy post on the evolution of weblog order, is making me more diligent in doing such things. Next on my list, for next week, is figuring out TrackBack. I’ve set up so I can ping sites that I link to, now I need to dig in and get the rest sorted out. After grading is done.

One thought on “Ecosystem Info

  1. You would do well to display your trackbacks inline, as well as in a window of their own. It encourages people to link to you — they get a link back — and helps drive up traffic. Quality traffic, I might add, as opposed to wierd Google searches. The only problem is when people send a trackback ping and don’t have a link to you — free riders. Those I delete.

    If you need help in this area let me know.

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