Crazy Week

Hi all,

This is likely to be a crazy week, between work and house. Sporadic posting, probably toward end of week.

And if you’ve emailed me and I haven’t responded, I sincerely apologize for being more of a spaz than usual. Things will get back on a more typical track next week.

For now, I leave you with my best quote of the weekend, in response to my husband’s assertion that some of my design ideas for the gardening bench in the sunporch were “eccentric”:

I’m not eccentric, I’m charming!


4 thoughts on “Crazy Week

  1. A purchased one from the ‘French Store’ Target has done well for us….. But by all means build one if the mood strikes you…… Watching things grow is funnnnnn.

  2. Build one? No way, man! I saw one on that will fit the bill.

    I never thought of myself as a gardener, but given the mess that the interior is and how powerless I feel, at least planting things feels constructive.

  3. I was not aware that eccentric and charming were mutually exclusive.

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