Manolo’s Shoe Blog

Lynne Kiesling

OK, so I’m a week behind the ChicagoBoyz, but hey! I’m the one with the bona fide shoe fetish! Manolo’s Shoe Blog is a great find, and find it I did via a Technorati cosmos crawl to see what new folks out there were linking to Knowledge Problem.

This is hilarious. And if it wasn’t for the Manolo, I would not now be coveting these Pucci pumps:

I agree with the Manolo: Puuuuuucciiiiiiiii!

5 thoughts on “Manolo’s Shoe Blog

  1. Would love to … but I spent so many thousands of dollars this summer on plaster, stain and varnish (and the labor to apply them) that I am CUT OFF until the debt load recovers a bit.

    I could justify it if I could collateralize the Pucci shoes, the way I can the house. But I have yet to find a capital market to support that one!

  2. Oo! Oo! These look like they would go equally well with everything you own, from bib overalls, to camo pants, to a black evening gown. Does Manolo make a matching sneaker?

  3. Ahh, the Shoe Fetish has made a mark on my life, nay, overtaken it. I shall never be the same again, neither will my closet.

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