Hey, Someone in Bakersfield Just Bought Purple Converse Hi-Tops!

Lynne Kiesling Alex Tabarrok and Zappos FTW!!!!! Check out this ridiculously fun real-time map of Zappos shoe sales. I am sure that this has some massively important implications for social networking, fashion trends, and so on, but it’s also just.darn.cool.

A Little Fun Frivolity

Lynne Kiesling Through my various wanderings in the past week I have come across two fun little shopping-oriented sites that I like: Little Splurge, which highlights little (and no-so-little) finds for fashion, home, travel, work, etc; and Paperclippy, focusing on office-friendly fashion finds. These two cute sites are great examples of Internet filtering; there’s so … More A Little Fun FrivolityMore A Little Fun Frivolity

A Little Monday Frivolity

Lynne Kiesling Thanks to the Manolo for the link to the Shoe Sense, “a feminist shoe blog for the stylish yet sensible woman.” In one post she asks is 45 pairs of shoes too many?. With sport-specific shoes, snow boots, etc., I estimate that I have about 55 pair of footwear, which I do not … More A Little Monday FrivolityMore A Little Monday Frivolity

Chicago Shopping Advice to Manolo: Get Out in the ‘hoods!

Lynne Kiesling The irrepressible Manolo is infesting Chicago and about to shop on the Mile of the Magnificence (not the Mile of the Miracles). My advice to Manolo: get out in the ‘hoods! I love Michigan Avenue and Oak Street as much as any other shopping hound, but the plenitude of capitalism means that most … More Chicago Shopping Advice to Manolo: Get Out in the ‘hoods!More Chicago Shopping Advice to Manolo: Get Out in the ‘hoods!

Cowboy Footwear As a Cultural Moment

Lynne Kiesling Is there something in the water, or the air? Yesterday the Manolo, he recommended a lovely cowboy boot to a loyal reader, and had the very nice things to say about the cowboy boot. For the past decade I’ve been threatening to buy a pair, ever since the first time I went to … More Cowboy Footwear As a Cultural MomentMore Cowboy Footwear As a Cultural Moment

The Manolo And La Coquette

Lynne Kiesling Something else for which to thank the Manolo … his link to La Coquette, living la vie magnifique in the fashion industry in Paris. Quel dommage. I like living vicariously through her reports on Paris Fashion Week this week. And I really, really like the Coco Chanel quote that one of her friends … More The Manolo And La CoquetteMore The Manolo And La Coquette

Composed, Elegant, And Authoritative

Lynne Kiesling I follow in the footsteps of the super-fantastic Manolo and Ann Althouse to agree that it’s incredibly refreshing to see authoritative women like Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice dressing in a fashionable, complex, not-safe-and-blend-into-the-background manner. And as a fellow knee-high boot afficionado (and athlete), I sense a kindred spirit there … I think … More Composed, Elegant, And AuthoritativeMore Composed, Elegant, And Authoritative

Pucci to Brighten a Dreary, Rainy Day

Lynne Kiesling I don’t have time today for pithy, substantive analysis. Furthermore, the weather here is gloomy and making my senses dull. So instead I turn to the Manolo: The Pucci, they are the shoes of relentless cheerfulness. Makes me wish I had a pair of these for slogging through the puddles: Many thanks to … More Pucci to Brighten a Dreary, Rainy DayMore Pucci to Brighten a Dreary, Rainy Day

Manolo’s Shoe Blog

Lynne Kiesling OK, so I’m a week behind the ChicagoBoyz, but hey! I’m the one with the bona fide shoe fetish! Manolo’s Shoe Blog is a great find, and find it I did via a Technorati cosmos crawl to see what new folks out there were linking to Knowledge Problem. This is hilarious. And if … More Manolo’s Shoe BlogMore Manolo’s Shoe Blog