Going To My Hometown

Lynne Kiesling

As Mike mentioned, we are headed to Pittsburgh next week to participate in an electricity transmission conference at Carnegie-Mellon University.

I’m thrilled, in part because the conference looks exciting and in part because I’m from Pittsburgh, and I love goin’ home. Pittsburgh is one of the most fascinating places I can imagine, particularly if you are interested in history. Military history (Frency & Indian Wars, Revolutionary War), political history (Whiskey Rebellion, love those guys!), industrial history (Carnegie, Mellon, Westinghouse, and many others), medical history (Salk), sports history (!!), and the sheer dynamism and ability of the people of a place to reinvent their place as economies change. Plus it’s physically a fascinating place, with hills, rivers, bridges, interesting architecture (except for the appalling 60s “urban redevelopment” right downtown in the Gateway Center, ugh).

Current plans include eating and drinking at one of my favorite microbreweries, which used to be a church, burbling around fun neighborhoods like the Strip District and Shadyside, and visiting the museum that ignited my love of the Triceratops at a very young age. If I rent a car I may also visit Dyed in the Wool, a knitting shop in Ross that is close to where I lived when I lived in Pittsburgh. It looks like a great shop, lots of stylish yarns (and the proprietress is wearing her yellow bracelet, supporting one of my favorite charitable causes, which shows style, sense and heart).

Ideally there would also be a hockey game on offer, but … [deep, deep sigh].

One thought on “Going To My Hometown

  1. I have been going to Pittsburgh on business lately and I have to say it is quite an impressive place. I have never been until about a month ago and it is quite and experience to come in through the Fort Pitt Tunnel and see the city jump up before you and Heinz Field and PNC Park right there over the river. While I have not had a chance to eat anywhere but the Pittsburgh airport (an impressive facility in its own right) you will have to give me some recommendations for my next trip.

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