Let Me Reiterate: Comments And Trackback Not Working For Now!

Lynne Kiesling

Dear loyal and wonderful readers and commenters,

Thank you for your continued and appreciated interaction. I know that my MT-Blacklist has gone OTT Puritan; I actually think my host has futzed around with my MT installation. So comments and trackbacks are not currently working. I am just too swamped with the day jobs right now to take on the odious task of figuring out what the heck is going on in there.

If anyone wants to volunteer to do either my proposal writing, my paper writing, my grading, or my MT3.15 installation, or to clone me so I can get all of it done, that would be super.

Grrr. Sorry to be a bit stroppy, but I have little patience with such things as software diagnostics and installation.

UPDATE: Mischief managed. And it only took me an hour. Note that Kevin’s and Rob’s supportive comments are actually appended to this post! Success. Now I just have to figure out how to install the other anti-spam plugins that I’ve got … maybe I’ll leave that for the weekend.

SECOND UPDATE: Comments and trackbacks continue to be moderated and subject to approval before they show up, so please don’t risk incurring my wrath on a day when I’m already in a bad mood by reposting your comment multiple times. I’m going to get around to saying something to that effect in the comment form template, but that would require diving into my MT installation more deeply than I can right now. Thank you.

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