New Mt Installation Complete

Lynne Kiesling

My fellow Chicagoan and knitter and all around hip chick, Bonne Marie Burns, is fond of pointing out that there are times when you have to boss your knitting around. Sleeve shape not turning out the way you expected? Feeling like once you’ve started a project your knitting is controlling you and it’s not turning out the way you intended? Then it’s time to show your knitting who’s boss!

That spirit reflects exactly what I felt last night, when I finally showed my website who’s boss. Some of you may recall that a couple of months ago the MT-Blacklist here went all Puritan on us. At the time I was even more busy than usual, so I just switched the comments into moderation, sucked it up and dealt with the fact that Trackback wasn’t working and that I’d have to moderate both good comments and spam, and let it go.

Until last night. Within an hour and a quarter, and with only minimal coaching from the KP IT Support Staff (i.e., the KP Spouse) in one particular place where I had to modify the configuration script, I accomplished the following:

1. Uninstalled MT-Blacklist
2. Installed MT 3.16 upgrade
3. Configured installation to do background tasks
4. Installed a clean version of MT-Blacklist

Set permissions, put files where they belong, actually read the README files in the process (I frequently get told RTFM from various quarters, which I deserve). Badda boom, badda bing.

I showed my website who’s boss!

So … Trackback should be working now. I’ve also installed a couple of additional anti-spam plugins. I’m leaving comments in moderation for now, but if anything funky happens if you try to comment or trackback here, please let me know.

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