This … Or This?

Lynne Kiesling

While I’m digressing, let me ask y’all a style question: are the all caps titles OK, or jarring? Should we switch to Title Case? all lower case (I’m not serious about that one)?

I’ve noticed that when I see the all caps titles in RSS feeds they stand out, and I’m not sure I like it. They are a relic of the old Blogger environment in which there wasn’t a title field.

I’m inclined to change, and would like to hear opinions. Bring ’em on!

3 thoughts on “This … Or This?

  1. All caps is OK for titles, but not necessary. But, by using all caps you give up one level of emphasis. In fact, it’s the only level of emphasis available to you in the RSS feeds. So, if you back up to mixed or title case, we’ll be able to tell when you’re yelling, even in the RSS feed. 😉

  2. On the website the all caps look better – stand out more and I just like it. It’s where I come for my all caps fix 🙂

    The RSS feed is slightly more noticable but ‘jarring’?! I wouldn’t say that.

    You could see how many people subscribe to the feed and how many visit the webpage – maybe that’ll help to decide.

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