Technorati Advice, Please!

Lynne Kiesling

I am soliciting advice from you exceedingly knowledgeable folks out there about Technorati tags and links. I am messing around with tags on posts, but my posts never show up on Technorati searches. The only one that did recently was the Low Sugar one that I copied from Becks & Posh, but I simply copied that format, checked it with the tags FAQ at Technorati, and propagated the format. Still, didn’t work.

Similarly, I know there are blog links here that don’t show up on Technorati.

Please help!

4 thoughts on “Technorati Advice, Please!

  1. Have you made sure that you’re pinging Technorati after each update? I’ve found that some Technorati ping plugins can be problematic, but you should check to see if it’s set as on– The settings should be under “Settings” > “New Entry Defaults” > “Publicity / Remote Interfaces”

  2. Hi Lynne
    If you insert this bit of html to your post somewhere:

    {a rel=”tag” href=””}blog{/a}

    (with the {} replaced with the appropriate html symbol)
    then it will have the technorati tag of “blog”
    Make sure there is a technorati tag associated with the word you use as the tag.

    Even if you do all that right, don’t expect instant results. Technorati only finds some things, not everything.

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