Lynn Swann for Governor of Pennsylvania?

Lynne Kiesling

My childhood Steeler hero Lynn Swann is likely to be the Republican candidate for Governor in Pennsylvania in the upcoming election. Swann, a resident of Sewickley Heights (a suburb of Pittsburgh), is statistically tied with incumbent Governor Ed Rendell in a recent poll.

An interesting quote from Swann, from the Post article:

Swann is seeking to become Pennsylvania’s first black governor. Though he has revealed little about his political philosophy, he has said the Democratic Party has “taken the African American vote for granted.”

Here’s the campaign website. See also this earlier thread from Patrick Ruffini.

This is gonna be interesting.

2 thoughts on “Lynn Swann for Governor of Pennsylvania?

  1. As a (pre-fiasco) Browns fan, whose favorite football moment was when Turkey Joe Jones did the pile-driver on Terry Bradshaw, this is the first time that I will be saying nice things about Lynn Swan. It will be an historic moment if he wins. It will be even better if Ken Blackwell is elected Governor of Ohio.

  2. I read this with curiousity. George Will had a column yesterday about blacks in several states (Lynn Swann and Ken Blackwell included). I grew up watching Lynn Swann as a player and broadcaster. As a public speaker, and speech coach, I am impressed by Swanns ability and fluency.
    I live in Arizona now, so I am a little removed. Enjoyed your blog.
    Email me and I will share my blogs with you.

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