Olympic Women’s Hockey

Lynne Kiesling

Feeling sporty here at KP … I am happy that the Olympics have begun with women’s hockey, and have been watching as much of it as possible. I have not seen either USA game, although I have seen both Italy games. Italy lost to Canada 16-0 and just this morning lost to Sweden 11-0. Italy was definitely outplayed, but they sure stuck with it. Their starting goalie was incredibly impressive, especially against Canada. Since I haven’t seen USA play, I can’t compare, but Canada is looking really good.

Actually, I was tickled by something that only my father and other long-time Pittsburgh Penguins fans will appreciate. One of the best forwards for Canada is #10, Gillian Apps. She is the daughter of Syl Apps, long-time Penguin who I remember fondly from my youth.

I am impressed with how NBC is using technology to provide information about schedules, results, etc. They are providing lots of stats for all of the women. You can also sign up for alerts.

Yay women’s hockey!

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