A Little Monday Frivolity

Lynne Kiesling

Thanks to the Manolo for the link to the Shoe Sense, “a feminist shoe blog for the stylish yet sensible woman.” In one post she asks is 45 pairs of shoes too many?. With sport-specific shoes, snow boots, etc., I estimate that I have about 55 pair of footwear, which I do not find to be excessive. Not really …

5 thoughts on “A Little Monday Frivolity

  1. I have six pair. This means I don’t have to reach into the pile too many times to come up with a matched pair. It’s a guy thing.

  2. Interesting.

    Of course all values are subjective and the choices one makes reveal one’s values.

    Navajo’s, motivated by walking in beauty, measure wealth by the number of relatives they are able to support. Here in Taos there is one Taos Puebloan (Howard Ranier) who has helped over 2,300 Native Americans obtain post-graduate degrees.

    Different strokes for different folks.

    Not judging, just noticing.

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