Welcome to the New Kp Design!

Lynne Kiesling

Look what I spent the morning doing … isn’t this spiffy? The dusty aubergine is coming off a little more pink than I intended, but I still think it looks snazzy.

Huge, huge, huge snaps go to Learning Movable Type for their tutorials on how to upgrade style templates in 3.2, and to the Movable Type Style Generator, in which this is one of the default color combinations.

Back-in-the-day it would have taken me three days, at least, to accomplish what I’ve been able to do in the space of about five hours total (upgrading to 3.2 and changing the site design).

Next thing you know, I’ll be able to figure out those pesky Technorati tags and trackbacks so we get more traffic …

UPDATE: I decided I didn’t like the pink content boxes on the right and left side, so I went for another color scheme. This is too much fun!

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