Inkling & Surowiecki & Safeway at Bnet

Michael Giberson

The folks that do technology site CNET have launched an online business magazine at

Among the items of interest (at least to me) now on BNET:

A discussion with the CEO of Erickson Retirement Communities which covers, among other things, practical applications of prediction market Inkling.

A podcast that includes New Yorker writer/Wisdom of Crowds author James Surorwiecki.

A brief posting on grocer Safeway’s energy strategy (citing a MarketWatch story. Did you know that the retail grocery chain has a FERC-approved license to engage in wholesale energy marketing? Find out why.)

(HT to Midas Oracle and the Inkling Blog.)

2 thoughts on “Inkling & Surowiecki & Safeway at Bnet

  1. bNet is nice, cNet is much more comprehensive and really just better. As far as the creation of bnet, the domain was created in 1995, so through ups and downs, i think that it has come to fruition with the latest incarnation of this tech business site.

    Thanks for all the incredible base of knowledge.

  2. I like the variety of things that you offer links to on BNET – interesting mix!

    Just to clarify on ThunkDifferent’s comments — we’re owned by CNET Networks, but our focus is on the broader topic of business management, not just tech business.

    Leslie Leite

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