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Lynne Kiesling

Sitting in the Manchester, NH airport, coming home from a way cool conference on new frontiers in emergent order research … the brain is too full to think of anything along those lines for a post! But courtesy of The Manolo,, I’ve found a new fashion read: The Thoughtful Dresser, by writer Linda Grant. I love one of her tag lines:

Because you can’t have depths without surfaces.

Brilliant. Evocative. I can’t wait to read more. She’s got a post on how many pairs of shoes a man should own, in which she confirms my suspicion that men believe they only need three pair:

1 pair of newish hi-tech brand trainers

1 pair of normal black leather shoes

and 1 pair of knackered deck shoes that I may have no choice but to replace as summer is virtually upon us

I can imagine some variation in the composition of that set, but in general that’s what most of the straight men of my acquaintance think. That is, until their women burrow into their subconscious and persuade them otherwise … not counting athletic footwear (running shoes, bike shoes, etc.), the KP Spouse has about 5 pair of black or brown shoes of various degrees of formality, a pair of nice black boots, and a pair of nice brown boots. And the ubiquitous pair of Adidas Response trail runners that are the wear-around-always shoes. And the Teva sandals. I call that a respectable collection.

I’ve tried like the devil to get him in a sassy pair of retro-funky sneaker kicks, but nuthin’ doin’ … as Linda says, though, that’s OK, because it leaves more room in the closet for shoes for me …

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