Speaking of Jobs…

Michael Giberson

Employment prospects must be looking up for economists with experience in electric power.

Three times in the last week I have received unsolicited notices – first, from out West came an email hoping I could recommend someone with expertise in state utility policies; then a day later, from a friend and former manager, a casual note asking if I know of any available electric power economists (or at least someone with good analytical and writing skills), and finally just now a Gmail alert returned an ad posted on Washington Post on-line, seeking an economist to analyze the competitive performance of electricity markets.

[Note to prospective job seekers: If I don’t know you, or at least know someone who knows you, I can’t offer a recommendation. But don’t worry, despite all the headlines, my totally informal, spontaneous sample says things are just fine (at least if you have economics training and a electric power background).

Note to prospective employers: So far as I know, none of the other electric power economists I know are looking for new opportunities.

Note to my current employer: That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t offer a preemptive pay increase, just in case. Better safe, then sorry, I always say (if the implication is that I should be paid more).]

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  1. Hey, Mike:

    You can pass on any leads to me. Lynne can vouch for me… 🙂

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