Evernote is My New Bff

Lynne Kiesling

Are you looking to improve your productivity as we swing back into fall? I strongly recommend Evernote, as does the ever-helpful Lifehacker, in this useful post.

Evernote is a dynamic, networked storage application, part notepad, part inbox, part storage box. It’s an application you download for local use on your desktop, and it syncs with an online web site, so you can have access to all of your notes from anywhere. You can link together documents, pdfs, photos, music files, videos, anything. You can clip pieces of web pages to save for future reading, and this is my favorite feature; I have the habit of creeping tab clutter, because I find so many different things I want to read or leave open until I have time to think about it. Evernote allows me to clip it, tag it, store it in a notebook to help me find it again. Among other things, it’s extremely useful to me for organizing news articles and online resources that I may want to use in my classes.

One thought on “Evernote is My New Bff

  1. I’ve been using Evernote for several months and it is a great application. I have not used the Web version, in that my company’s firewall does not care for opening those types of applications. You can work off of a thumbdrive, though you end up manually copying files (not that big of a deal). I had used M$ OneNote previously, and Evernote is similar. Unfortunately, M$ made it difficult to get OneNote, while Evernote is freeware. Being able to take snapshots of particular portions of websites is my biggest application for EverNote.

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