KP Moves to WordPress, Easily!

Lynne Kiesling

I’ve been blogging for almost six years now (yikes!), first using Blogger and then under the Knowledge Problem brand using Movable Type. Movable Type is great, and it has served me well. But the programming environment has gotten more complicated over those six years, and while I am of a geeky bent, I’m not a good programmer. And going from MT2.64 to MT4.2 had left the KP source code with some really wonky behaviors that I am not proficient enough to debug.

Thus Knowledge Problem is now using WordPress. The migration was easier than any other such action I’ve done. I think this will be a good way that Mike and I can do more general content management, in addition to our usual pithy commentary. You needn’t update your bookmarks, because I’ve set up a redirect. But if you use an RSS reader, I think the feed address may change.

I hope that this new environment brings you here more often, and makes for a lively and intellectually engaging set of conversations!

ETA: easily does not mean perfectly; there are some legacy issues (such as posting pictures), and we appreciate your patience as we get used to this new home.

One thought on “KP Moves to WordPress, Easily!

  1. I’m also thinking of moving my MT blog to WordPress. Did you have a guide that you used to port? Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

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