Chicago Half Marathon

Lynne Kiesling

OK, folks, I just took the plunge and registered for the Chicago Half Marathon in September! Running has always been the weakest of the sports in which I participate, so I’ll be happy to get some moral support here and there. I’ve never run longer than 8 miles in a race, or even in training for that matter … GAAH.

2 thoughts on “Chicago Half Marathon

  1. You have lots of time. You don’t have to run 13 miles in training, tho it might be good psychology. In a half-marathon you won’t ‘hit the wall’, so a ten-mile training pace should give you a correct estimate of your capabilities. Decide on a pace and STICK TO IT. When someone who is fat and unkempt slowly passes you, let him go. You may-well pass him back later; or maybe he is really an ex-olympian. In particular do not go out fast. And have fun!

  2. YEA!
    This is fantastic. Your mind is stronger than your body and the mind has already weighed the risks, sorted the costs and benefits and jumped in by directing you to commit to the race.

    You will be great. The next time you need encouragement, shoot an email out. We’re here. Yesterday I swam 2,500 meters and ran 4 miles. Would I have liked to have gone 8 miles? You bet. But, I’ll get there (10 mile race in late April and HIM in May) just like you will before September. You’ll be smart. You’ll train and build a base and leave time to rest. You’ll take on fluids during the run and you’ll cross the finish line wondering why you ever doubted.


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