Yo Athletes! What’s Your Preferred Online Training Log?

Lynne Kiesling

OK folks, exercise time … I am just Type-A enough to keep a training log, and lazy enough to do it online and want it to be simple but to do the calculations for me (like running paces, 100 swim split times, etc.). I used to use the log at Beginner Triathlete, but it is WAY over-the-top more detailed than I am ever likely to use. Their discussion forums and articles are great, though.

Navigating all of their options was not working for me, so I switched to Daily Mile. Nice, clean interface, great visual display of my training record for the week, can scroll through past months … but the online community there just isn’t my vibe. Not bad, just not my thing.

I also have a profile on athlinks, which is really cool because it pulls in your race results for as far back as I’ve got online race results. They have a little box on your profile called “WDYDT” for “what did you do today?”, and that’s meant to be a quick note on your training that day. For me, this is not detailed enough, and does not provide enough pre-programmed data analysis.

In other dimensions I am indifferent among the three.

Do you know of/use/recommend any other online training log? Do you have opinions about these? I am keen to hear some other opinions than my own.

2 thoughts on “Yo Athletes! What’s Your Preferred Online Training Log?

  1. http://www.beginnertriathlete.com

    The site rolled out a new version and layout in the past two weeks. I have found that all of the options — the too detailed nature that turns you off — are easy to ignore. I log the points that are interesting to me and skip all the parts that only apply to my unemployed, obsessive compulsive or otherwise hyper focused on logging friends.

    Seriously, give it a second try. It does the auto splits for you. It tracks and graphs the distance or time spent exercising depending on your preference and it has a clean interface for the tracking of races and PRs.

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