Exile in Copenhagen

Michael Giberson

Tyler Cowen said if he were exiled from the United States and had to live semi-permanently in another country, assuming a non-English speaking country to make it interesting, he’d select Berlin or Cologne in Germany.

My thought? Copenhagen.

Denmark scores high on assessments of economic freedom (here and here) and political freedoms (here).  Denmark is peaceful and not corrupt, according to other analysis.  Given my American culture, I’d be troubled by the direct state subsidies for religion and the remaining, essentially ceremonial monarchy.

But Copenhagen aims to be the “best city for bicyclists” (and for biking in style, check out Copenhagen Cycle Chic), is surely cosmopolitan enough to keep me engaged, and I could talk wind power and cogeneration policy in the cafe late into the long summer nights.

The days would be too short in winter for me in Copenhagen.  Maybe Barcelona for the winters.

One thought on “Exile in Copenhagen

  1. December 2009 would probably be a good time not to be in Copenhagen. It is likely to be crowded with frustrated politicos. 🙂

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