College Football Playoffs and Other Ideas Mike Leach Likes

Michael Giberson

In the Wall Street Journal, an interview with Texas Tech University football coach Mike Leach:

WSJ: You want a 64-team playoff system. That seems crazy.

Mr. Leach: It’s only crazy if you are in Division I football. There’s nothing new about this playoff stuff. It would be like crediting me with inventing fire. I think 64 would be fun. You would cut the regular season back to 10. The champion is going to play 16 games. You would guarantee everybody 12 games for athletic budgets. Then, because it’s fun, and it would be exciting to watch people from across the country play each other, you’d pick your 64.

Then the arguments aren’t who won the national championship. The arguments are about whether the 77th team is better than the 61st team. The one thing that would be undisputable is who ever did win it had legitimately and justifiably earned it. It’s obviously workable. Any claims that its not workable because of this that and the other thing is ridiculous because they do it at every other level.


WSJ: Graduation rates as a tie-breaker?

Mr. Leach: Why wouldn’t it be? We talk about student-athletes and the rest. We have the highest graduation rate of any team in the top 25.

All in all, I found it about the most focused and coherent interview with the coach I’ve seen published.

2 thoughts on “College Football Playoffs and Other Ideas Mike Leach Likes

  1. I love the graduation rates idea. Think of the potential culture change if fans and coaches actually cared that players also be decent students.

  2. Maybe the graduation rate should be weighted by in-game playing time, just to make sure that the school doesn’t pack the bench with a bunch of scholarly-but-not-particularly-athletic student-athletes.

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