Thanks for the Kp Design Input

Lynne Kiesling

I’ve been staying away from the computer for most of the past two weeks — our vacation and then the relaxing holidays at home have been more about reading and knitting and spending time with the KP Spouse. But I have spent the past several hours tweaking the KP design on the dimensions that I didn’t like, that Mike didn’t like, and based on your helpful feedback on my earlier post on the matter.

I’m really, really keen on the image that I created for the header banner; to me it symbolizes self-organizing systems and decentralized coordination. It also has symmetry, balance, and order, so it invokes for me the themes of complexity and emergent order that inspire my thinking, whether it’s from complexity science, Austrian economics, the Scottish Enlightenment, new institutional economics, or technological change.

I hope you and yours are enjoying your holidays.

One thought on “Thanks for the Kp Design Input

  1. I like the redesign a lot. The text is nice and clear and wider now than it was recently (yes?).

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