R I Making Smart Grid Sense?

Michael Giberson

I noticed when posting the previous item that one of the subject tags in the Knowledge Problem system was “smart gird.”  Not “grid”, but “gird.”  A simple enough substitution of the “i” and “r”, and, apparently, pretty common online.  Google yields a plethora of “smart gird” results (although it first redirected me to “smart grid”, apparently assuming that was what I meant to search for).  Online I find smart gird workshops, smart gird management software, smart gird updates, smart girds making refrigerators smarter, and even smart gird augmented reality.

So far no one has secured “smartgird.com”, suggesting an unexploited opportunity to become the online portal to this growing, vast and varied smart gird world.

Here is an easy way for writers to check themselves: after typing the term smart grid, repeat the following phrase: “R I making sense?”  If the answer is “I R”, then you’ve got it backwards.

3 thoughts on “R I Making Smart Grid Sense?

  1. Just don’t grid your loins, Mike. I expect it could be painful if not deadly.

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