Cargo Bikes in Copenhagen

Michael Giberson

I could have used a Copenhagen cargo bike (see video at linked post) last year when I occasionally carried my son’s baritone horn up to school for him. Come to think of it, I could probably still make use of a cargo bike.  Better yet, my son could make use of a cargo bike!

Want more cargo biking? Here is a link to the “cargo bike culture” posts at Copenhagen Cycle Chic. Or check out the images and video at the website of Larry vs. Harry (designers/manufactures of the Bullitt cargobike).

Cargo bike picture
A photo from the Larry vs. Harry archive

One thought on “Cargo Bikes in Copenhagen

  1. Having to carry the kid (or camera crew) definitely means canvas grocery bags. I was looking forward to the snow-season videos, too. Maybe the size of the wave-motor attachment if I have to try that Bavaria course loaded…..

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