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Michael Giberson

I like to watch good movies, and particularly for someone who now lives outside a major metropolitan area, Netflix has been unbelievably useful.  Netflix really has been amazing. Return one disk by mail and get another a day or two later. Incredible selection.

Recently Netflix raised the price on their DVD/Blu-ray rental packages which lead us to switch to the online streaming-only option to save a few bucks.  Really, however, for all practical purposes we’d already switched.

Today I’m mailing back “The Hurt Locker,” the last of the physical disks we received from Netflix, which we’ve had around for nearly six weeks without watching it. In the meantime we’ve viewed about 20 movies via streaming. In fact, I was going to watch it last night before sending it back, but wound up watching the German comedy “Soul Kitchen” instead.

Not every movie is on Netflix, and not every movie on Netflix is available via streaming, but since my Netflix instant queue is up above 100 it hardly seems to matter. It’s “kids with the keys to the candy store” overwhelmingly good. In fact, if it weren’t for the HBO Series Treme, I’d pull the plug on our HBO subscription.

I meant to do some serious damage to the instant queue during the break between semesters, but despite viewing several good movies the queue is longer than ever. Tyler Cowan’s post this morning, “Important 2010 movies that weren’t released in most of the USA,” added three more.  Seems like no matter how much candy you eat, there is still more candy to eat!

For the holiday season I’ve rated the following movies “Really Liked It”: Soul Kitchen, Shutter Island, Exit Through the Gift Shop, Life and Debt, Ip Man, and The Girl Who Played with Fire. Rated “Liked It” were: I am Trying to Break Your Heart, Flame and Citron, Let the Right One In and Youssou N’Dour: I Bring What I Love.


4 thoughts on “Netflix Streaming

  1. Why is it i have troble streaming Netflix to my Sony Blue Ray DVD every FRIDAY and SATURDAY night? Daytime and Week nights, NO PROBLEM? Are NETFLIX Servers overloaded? What is the real problem because I don’t think its my connection or device. I know it’s not my connection because I’m entering this as I’m watching my frequently stoping Netflix movie and my connection is FINE. It has taken over 3 hrs to watch an 1 1/2 hr movie…what gives? Does anyone else have this PROBLEM?

  2. When I first started to use Netflix streaming, the video would frequently breakdown if someone else here was using the internet extensively on our home computer. Bumping up our internet capacity for about $5/month seems to have solved the problem and I hardly ever have streaming issues now with Netflix.

    Are other users on your internet connection Friday and Saturday nights?

  3. we recieved a movie, step up 3, and we didnt get to watch it because it was scratched. just a suggestion can you check the dvd first before you send it to your customer. thank you.

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