The “100 mpg prize” and other energy stories

Michael Giberson Speed blogging a few stories: “The ’100 mpg prize’: An idea whose time has passed?” by Ken Paulman Earlier this week, California GOP Rep. Dan Lungren introduced a bill that would offer a $1 billion prize to the first automaker than can put 60,000 cars achieving 100 mpg on the road. Only requirement … More The “100 mpg prize” and other energy stories

Michael Webber’s “Energy at the Movies”

Michael Giberson Michael Webber, mechanical engineer and Associate Director of the Center for International Energy and Environmental Policy at the University of Texas at Austin, provides a look at society’s changing relationship to energy as revealed in movies (and the occasional TV clip) in “Energy at the Movies.” At just over an hour and forty … More Michael Webber’s “Energy at the Movies”

Netflix recommendations: Deep or random?

Michael Giberson I know that Netflix’s recommendation engine has some serious computation behind it, and it often offers up interesting and useful suggestions. But occasionally it puzzles me, and I wonder if it is incredibly deep in its analysis or simply somewhat random. Case in point: Suggested: American Experience: Into the Deep Because you enjoyed: It Might … More Netflix recommendations: Deep or random?

You think the kids are alright? Well look at this tiny blue pin on my shirt and think again

Michael Giberson From the press release: NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mark Ruffalo and other Oscar nominees will wear a blue water droplet pin during Sunday night’s Academy Awards as a way of asking Americans to be stewards of our treasured water supply, which is currently in jeopardy due to extreme drilling and includes natural gas hydro-fracking. The … More You think the kids are alright? Well look at this tiny blue pin on my shirt and think again

Netflix streaming

Michael Giberson I like to watch good movies, and particularly for someone who now lives outside a major metropolitan area, Netflix has been unbelievably useful.  Netflix really has been amazing. Return one disk by mail and get another a day or two later. Incredible selection. Recently Netflix raised the price on their DVD/Blu-ray rental packages … More Netflix streaming

Best “Investigation/Price Gouging/Showdown/Violence” Romance Movie

Michael Giberson According to the Internet Movie Data Base, just one movie shows up when you search on keywords  “Investigation/Price Gouging/Showdown/Violence” in the Romance genre: The Boss of Big Town. It is a 1942 film in which, “A criminal plot to control produce and dairy products during the wartime emergency is foiled by an courageous … More Best “Investigation/Price Gouging/Showdown/Violence” Romance Movie

Onions and motion picture box office receipts

Michael Giberson Felix Salmon had an op-ed in New York Times on Hollywood’s opposition to the trading of future’s contracts based on box office receipts.  Salmon said: In the 1950s, onion growers were often shocked at the low prices they were getting. Casting around for a villain to blame, they alighted on derivatives traders, and … More Onions and motion picture box office receipts