Singing About Pricing (Is It, Too, Like Dancing About Architecture?)

Michael Giberson

At Knowing and Making, Leigh Caldwell writes about “a charming pop song by the delightful young artist Jessie J” about “the important and neglected issue of pricing.” Initially he is pleased with the song, but ultimately “his faith in humanity is shaken. Shattered, in fact.”

A great deal of drama for a short post.

2 thoughts on “Singing About Pricing (Is It, Too, Like Dancing About Architecture?)

  1. “Forget about the price tag” is a message to listeners, not agencies and producers.

    “It’s not about the money, so buy my music at any price. Forget about the price tag, just buy”

  2. I think a close reading of the lyrics supports a broader notion, speaking romantically about the desire of an artist to connect with an artist without the constraints of commerciality that impinge if you actually try to pay your bills through your art. Much like the pressures that Reel Big Fish lament by parody in their song “Sell Out.”

    A message to listeners, agents, producers, and anyone else who might get between an artist and his or her art.

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