Monsters of Grok T-shirts

Lynne Kiesling

Here’s some outstanding geek attire! Monsters of Grok is a line of t-shirts that use rock band t-shirt logo designs, but the names are instead famous scientists and intellectuals such as Ada Lovelace (done as a Ladytron logo), Isaac Newton (as Iron Maiden), and Benjamin Franklin (as Black Flag). I fell over laughing when I first saw these, literally hyperventilating and weeping. Guess that makes me a geek rocker …

Today, to make myself feel better for having such a nasty ear infection (with gratitude to those of you who have sent get well wishes!), I finally broke down and purchased two of them. The first one’s easy to guess if you’re a regular KP reader, the second one is a little more tricky as there were several contenders. If you guess them both you get a gold star!

3 thoughts on “Monsters of Grok T-shirts

  1. I’ve been eyeing these for a while. Mine is Tesla/Edison. Gotta have it. I figure that’s your other one, too. 😉

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