The Beautiful Transmission Tower, the Glamorous Wind Turbine

Michael Giberson

We talk a bit about the economics of electric power transmission and wind power here, but there is more to understanding the world than economics. Previously we have noted Virginia Postrel writing on the techno-glamour of, among other things, wind turbines. Now we take note of the Pylon Design Competition and its recently announced winning design, a transmission tower design intended to “be both grounded in reality and be beautiful” as per the competition guidelines, the Bystrup T-Pylon (I liked short-listed entry 3 as well).

And if you like integrating artistic insights into your thinking about power transmission and wind turbines, you just might want to support a planned performance art piece intending to promote exactly that kind of integration. The piece will be based on recordings in the wind energy oral history project housed in Texas Tech University’s Southwest Collection.

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  1. Everyone should, please, fold the several hundred Jessica Simpsons [insert image of herself in fancy dress with POV back bow spelling out ‘I am not a mass production phenotype’] necessary for sufficient glamour to profitability into business plans and due diligence.

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