Hitting the Big Time, Living the Econoblogger Dream

Michael Giberson

From the Inbox earlier in this week comes news that Knowledge Problem is one of the blogs monitored and excerpted from time to time by EconAcademics.org, a blog aggregator being run by the Economic Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. You can skip the noise and get right to their KP posts by using this link.

According to their self reporting: “The primary goal of this blog aggregator is to enhance the discussion of economics research in the blogosphere by making it easier for the curious reader to find high-quality content. A secondary goal is to encourage discussion of economic issues based on academic research, instead of political arguments.”

Check out their list – we are currently #141 in their list of 289 monitored blogs, putting us ahead of such estimable blogs as Marginal Revolution and Wired Science. (Did I mention the list is in alphabetical order? In any case, we could rename ourselves to AAA Knowledge Problem and leap into the top 10. That would be really hitting the big time…)

BTW, I’ll thoroughly endorse their disclaimer, at least with respect to our posts: “Views expressed do not necessarily reflect official positions of the Federal Reserve System.” I’ll add that views expressed by the Federal Reserve System do not necessarily reflect official positions of the Knowledge Problem blog.

3 thoughts on “Hitting the Big Time, Living the Econoblogger Dream

  1. Now that you’re part of the in crowd, it’s time to start rent-seeking. You need to start pushing for policies that will enrich you and your family. 🙂

  2. Let’s piggyback on William’s idea.

    Everyone who regularly reads KP should hit the blog 10 times a day to inflate the hit count, so KP can be billed as “one of the most widely read econoblogs in the galaxy.” And then us heavyhitters should get micropayments from the vastly increased ad revenues (and rents!, don’t foget the rents!) thus generated.

  3. The Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis is just confirming what all of your readers all ready knew. It looks like they are a training indicator and we are a leading indicator. Congrats.

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