Modern Renditions of Pride & Prejudice, Humor Edition

Lynne Kiesling I’ve been reading, thinking about, and watching lots of Jane Austen lately, and I’ve found two funny renditions of my favorite book, Pride and Prejudice: Austenbook, a Facebook-style retelling of the story, and Pride and Prejudice in emoticons. I guffawed out loud in an unseemly manner ill befitting a lady, but I suspect … More Modern Renditions of Pride & Prejudice, Humor Edition

Ten Words You Need to Stop Misspelling

Lynne Kiesling The Oatmeal is a great one-man operation with outstanding, witty visual representations of a range of topics, including 10 Things You Need To Stop Tweeting About. For this one he earns my undying gratitude: 10 Words You Need To Stop Misspelling Love.Love.Love. Will be sharing with all of my students. I wish I … More Ten Words You Need to Stop Misspelling

Snarky Line of the Day Award …

Lynne Kiesling … goes to Tunku Varadarajan, in his Daily Beast column today about terrorism and air security: Of course, it may be that the one way to ensure a grassroots Democrats clamor for action against terrorism is to call it “anthropogenic”… Hah, climate policy humor!

I Think I’d Rather Be Westinghoused

Michael Giberson Chevy Volt promotion, courtesy of Tom Fowler at NewsWatch: Energy, without further comment.

Beckham’s Chances of Playing for England in the World Cup…

Michael Giberson …must be about zero after he used the words “soccer ball” when clearly he meant “football.” See this video from South Africa ( highlighting the introduction of the new Adidas ball for World Cup 2010) at the 3:36 mark.  Too much time in the States?

“Sanitized by Lawyering”

Michael Giberson Al Roth draws attention to a New York Times column, “The art of blackmail,” which includes the curious phrase, “sanitized by lawyering” (pointing out that blackmail is illegal, but negotiating a settlement in lieu of filing a lawsuit in which the unpleasant matter would be disclosed is legal). Apparently blackmail is one of … More “Sanitized by Lawyering”

And I Thought Texas Politics Was Entertaining…

Michael Giberson Have you been keeping up with the news out of Albany, New York? On Monday, with the support of two Democratic state senators the minority Republicans voted themselves back into the leadership positions. Democrats tried to prevent the maneuver by, among other things, turning off the lights in the Senate chamber, and having … More And I Thought Texas Politics Was Entertaining…

A Triathlete’s Favorite New Yorker Cartoon

Lynne Kiesling The winning caption:  “You’re in trouble when we get to the bicycles!”

P.G. O’Rourke’s Adam Smith Column

Lynne Kiesling I hope you’ve all seen P.J. O’Rourke’s Financial Times column from last week on what Adam Smith would have to say about our current economic and financial events. Adam Smith was one of the most astute observes of human nature ever, and applied those insights well to analyses of incentives and political institutions. … More P.G. O’Rourke’s Adam Smith Column

I Can Haz Bailout?

Lynne Kiesling And while we’re on the combined where’s my bailout/stimulus skeptic/i can has cheezeburger memes, here’s my favorite custom Obamicon: I’m assuming you’ve all seen these, but in case you haven’t … Paste Magazine (a really good music magazine, BTW) started a site a while ago where you can make your own Fairey-style poster. … More I Can Haz Bailout?