Fixing airport security

Lynne Kiesling Having just returned from a 1.5-week, three-conference trip, I am having my now-usual visceral reaction to the thought of another airport experience — nausea, which I hope diminishes by the time of my next trip in early August. Thus I’m in violent (irony intended) agreement with a post on Bruce Schneier’s blog today … More Fixing airport security

Geek tourism for electric power economists

Michael Giberson Last week I attended the Gulf Coast Power Association‘s spring conference. Very good time. More comments later this week after I have time to catch up. Just a note today on the pre-conference power plant tour featuring the Tenaska Frontier Generating Plant in Shiro, Texas (about 50 north of Houston). The 830-MW combined-cycle … More Geek tourism for electric power economists

Airport kabuki: Bruce Schneier on “security theater”

Lynne Kiesling Bruce Schneier is one of the most thoughtful, knowledgeable security experts in the world, and he’s been constructively critical of the TSA’s airport policies and procedures for quite some time (so have I, but I have nothing like his expertise or his street cred). You may have seen Jeffrey Goldberg’s November 2008 Atlantic … More Airport kabuki: Bruce Schneier on “security theater”

Aviation biofuels tested

Michael Giberson The Houston Chronicle, among others, report on a Continental Airlines test flight relying in part on biofuels. On Wednesday, a Continental Airlines Boeing 737-800 became the first U.S. commercial jet to fly on a mix of conventional jet fuel and biofuels…. “The airplane performed perfectly,” test pilot Rich Jankowski said. “There were no … More Aviation biofuels tested