Non-traffic causes of traffic congestion

Michael Giberson Is this an unpriced external effect of shooting off fireworks on July 4? July 5 tends to have an unusual number of animal-related traffic problems, as pets, spooked by the fireworks on the previous day, have a greater propensity to wander onto freeways. From Eric Morris at the Freakonomicsblog, “Road Blocks: The Strange … More Non-traffic causes of traffic congestion

About “something mostly enjoyable that also performs a function”

Michael Giberson From David Byrne’s review in the New York Times of Jeff Mapes book, Pedaling Revolution: [Mapes] argues that cycling promotion can raise society’s level of general fitness, since people exercise more when it seems less like exercise and more like something mostly enjoyable that also performs a function, like getting to work. “Bike … More About “something mostly enjoyable that also performs a function”

Poetry in Traffic

Michael Giberson I’ve been reading and enjoying Tom Vanderbilt’s book, Traffic, subtitled “Why we drive the way we do (and what it says about us).”  The book appeals to the “amateur traffic engineer” in me.  Maybe you have one too, a little voice in your head that clicks on when you are stuck in traffic … More Poetry in Traffic