Don’t Hire An MBA, Hire A Philosopher

Lynne Kiesling Matthew Stewart, philosopher-turned management consultant-turned philosophy writer, has an essay in the Atlantic on “management science” (subscription required) that is amusing and interesting. [full text available here] Stewart goes through the origins of scientific management, its justifiable place in the dustbin of ideas (although it certainly scared the bejeesus out of Josef Schumpeter, … More Don’t Hire An MBA, Hire A PhilosopherMore Don’t Hire An MBA, Hire A Philosopher

The wonderful thing about TGRs…

Michael Giberson Martin Feldstein has a proposal for Tradable Gasoline Rations (TGRs) that is so incredible that it deserves its own song. I’m at work trying to adapt “Tiggers Song” (from Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too) to the Feldstein particulars. Here’s how far I’ve made it, so far: The wonderful thing about TGRs Is … More The wonderful thing about TGRs…More The wonderful thing about TGRs…

Bento Box on the Bike: Not What You Think

Lynne Kiesling Here’s an amusing cultural amalgamation: I am getting ready for triathlon season, and so am thumbing through the Tri Zone catalog that just appeared in my mailbox. When you do tris that are Olympic or longer, you want energy and hydration close to hand while you’re on the bike. Here’s a solution: the … More Bento Box on the Bike: Not What You ThinkMore Bento Box on the Bike: Not What You Think

Only Economists in Shangri-La?

Michael Giberson I’ve mentioned Seth Roberts’ Shangri-La diet here before. I’m interested, because I could probably stand to drop 10 or 15 pounds, but I really don’t see myself as a “dieter” or “diet book buyer.” Of course I could try out the ideas based upon publicly available information about the diet, but then I … More Only Economists in Shangri-La?More Only Economists in Shangri-La?

Scottish Pubs: Serving Only In Sippy Cups?

Lynne Kiesling Caught my eye on Friday, but I got distracted: Kerry Howley’s Hit & Run post on pending regulations outlawing the use of glass in Scottish pubs. How ridiculous is that? Making everyone drink out of crappy glasses just because a few morons refuse to control the exercise of their tempers (or their livers, … More Scottish Pubs: Serving Only In Sippy Cups?More Scottish Pubs: Serving Only In Sippy Cups?

Martin Feldstein in WSJ on “Tradeable Gasoline Rights”

Lynne Kiesling Martin Feldstein has a column in today’s WSJ (subscription required) in which he recommends that the government issue tradeable gasoline rights (TGRs) instead of either raising CAFE standards or imposing a gasoline tax. In a system of tradeable gasoline rights, the government would give each adult a TGR debit card. The gasoline pumps … More Martin Feldstein in WSJ on “Tradeable Gasoline Rights”More Martin Feldstein in WSJ on “Tradeable Gasoline Rights”

World Cup Time!

Lynne Kiesling An entire month of international football (ok, soccer) begins on Friday! Skip Sauer kindly provides the television schedule in the U.S., which I also went out of my way to find yesterday. I’m not optimistic about Team USA this year, particularly given the group they’ve drawn. As usual, I’m cheering for England as … More World Cup Time!More World Cup Time!