Training Log Update: Buckeye Outdoors

Lynne Kiesling

An update on my question from earlier this week about online training logs. While I agree with Kent that the Beginner Triathlete updated site is good, it’s still just more than I want to deal with, and more cumbersome than I want.

But thanks to a couple of fellow triathletes I follow on Twitter, I found Buckeye Outdoors. It’s a pretty simple, clean interface, and is set up to generate training reports and graphs of various pieces of training data. I think it hits the sweet spot for me; if the TwitterFeed connection works for pulling my workouts into Twitter, then it’s a lock!

2 thoughts on “Training Log Update: Buckeye Outdoors

  1. I just use excel, where I keep exponential moving averages of distances run. I wonder whether it’s worth the switching costs to move to something more functional.

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