Kauffman Economics Bloggers Video

Lynne Kiesling Last February I was thrilled to be invited to an economics bloggers forum at the Kauffman Foundation, organized by Tim Kane (who contributes to the Kauffman blog Growthology). As part of the forum the Kauffman folks recorded video interviews with each of us for their library. They have now released a video from … More Kauffman Economics Bloggers Video

Back from My Epic Travels!

Lynne Kiesling I love traveling, but it is always good to return home. After two weeks on the road, first for some English countryside holiday time in Shropshire, then the Mont Pelerin Society meeting in Stockholm, then some SoCal holiday time at the La Jolla Music Festival and then in LA, the catching up and … More Back from My Epic Travels!

Looking for a Good Forecast?

Michael Giberson Philip Tetlock – the expert on political expertise – reviews three books on political forecasting for The National Interest, but the problem of selecting a good forecast equally applies in commerce: Reading these three books, it is easy to feel like a frustrated shopper wandering aimlessly down the forecasting aisle in the supermarket … More Looking for a Good Forecast?

Give It Away Now: Wind Power and the Price of Electricity

Michael Giberson Forbes recently ran a story by Jonathon Farey, “Wind Power’s Weird Effect,” about how sometimes high wind power output and limited transmission capability combine to produce wholesale power prices dropping to zero or below.  (Of course regular readers here have been aware of the issue at least since last November.) Much more informative … More Give It Away Now: Wind Power and the Price of Electricity

Appliance Sales to Get ‘cash for Clunkers’ Boost?

Michael Giberson In the news, reports of a “cash for clunkers” program for major appliances: USA Today: Appliances get their own recycled clunkers programs; Business Week:  Latest in Stimulus: ‘Cash for Refrigerators’; Associated Press: Meltdown 101: Government cash for green appliances. From Business Week: Beginning late this fall, the program authorizes rebates of $50 to … More Appliance Sales to Get ‘cash for Clunkers’ Boost?