Speed blogging

Michael Giberson Speed blogging = copying a Zetland trope so I can clear these items off my “to blog” list: Robert Rapier on the Renewable Fuels Association‘s wild efforts to hold onto all possible subsidy and policy advantages that it can grab.  Elsewhere, the Wall Street Journal reports the emergence of a left-right coalition in … More Speed blogging

Back from the Birkie

Lynne Kiesling This weekend the KP Spouse and I headed six hours north into northwest Wisconsin and joined a cabin-full of friends in the American Birkebeiner cross-country ski race, although my pace was not so racelike! We did the half distance (the Kortelopet), which is 23km (14.26 miles), classic style (i.e., not the skate style … More Back from the Birkie

Research mounts showing Vitamin D’s health benefits

Lynne Kiesling Over the past year or so I’ve been following the debate and research on Vitamin D intake. Initially Vitamin D supplementation was recommended simply to reduce the incidence of rickets in children, but increasingly Vitamin D is associated with a wide range of health benefits, from reducing fatigue to improving metabolism to improving … More Research mounts showing Vitamin D’s health benefits