Pandora Lived

Michael Giberson We’ve raved about Pandora here a number of times (KP search for “Pandora”). The New York Times recently reported on the surprising fact of Pandora: unlike a lot of other internet music startups, it survived. In fact, lately the company has prospered and is talking about going public. It turns out that the … More Pandora Lived

Pandora+iphone = Excellent Car Radio Even in Lubbock

Michael Giberson I haven’t been much of a radio music fan since, I don’t know, high school.  I liked music that wasn’t played much by the local radio stations and in general the signal-to-noise ratio on most radio stations was too small.  Cassette tapes, then CDs were part of the answer, but that cuts off … More Pandora+iphone = Excellent Car Radio Even in Lubbock

Oh! Pandora

Michael Giberson It is late on a Friday, and I want to go to sleep. But I had Pandora on in the background while I worked on the computer, and now that I’m stopping work, I want to keep listening to the music. It has been a long long time since over-the-air radio has kept … More Oh! Pandora

A Message to You Rudy

Michael Giberson Reading and writing about Jeremy Rifkind’s distributed energy proposal has been made much easier for me this morning because I’ve had Pandora running music in the background. More specifically, Pandora has been playing my “A message to you Rudy” station, and by clicking here you can listen, too. It has been a beautiful … More A Message to You Rudy