Cargo Bikes in Copenhagen

Michael Giberson I could have used a Copenhagen cargo bike (see video at linked post) last year when I occasionally carried my son’s baritone horn up to school for him. Come to think of it, I could probably still make use of a cargo bike.  Better yet, my son could make use of a cargo bike! Want more … More Cargo Bikes in Copenhagen

Group Theory, Visualization, and Mattress Longevity

Lynne Kiesling Steve Strogatz is a professor of applied mathematics at Cornell and a master of explaining abstract mathematical principles to non-mathematicians. He also posts occasionally on the New York Times’ Opinionator blog, and his post on Sunday was a real treat. Using the domestic conundrum of how to flip your mattress to maximize its … More Group Theory, Visualization, and Mattress Longevity

Jaguar Proposes a Luxury Turbine Hybrid Vehicle

Lynne Kiesling Yes, you saw that correctly, a turbine. According to Wired: Jaguar Land Rover is working on the car with British gas turbine manufacturer Bladon Jets and electric motor manufacturer SR Drives. The Technology Strategy Board, which funds business development in the U.K., is underwriting the first serious attempt at a turbine car since … More Jaguar Proposes a Luxury Turbine Hybrid Vehicle

Green Cloud Computing in Finland

Lynne Kiesling Check out this cool new data center plan — locate the servers under a cathedral and use the waste heat to warm the cathedral and the neighboring buildings! This is an established system called district heating, which uses a network of steam or hot water pipes to heat distributed buildings.

Pandora+iphone = Excellent Car Radio Even in Lubbock

Michael Giberson I haven’t been much of a radio music fan since, I don’t know, high school.  I liked music that wasn’t played much by the local radio stations and in general the signal-to-noise ratio on most radio stations was too small.  Cassette tapes, then CDs were part of the answer, but that cuts off … More Pandora+iphone = Excellent Car Radio Even in Lubbock

Energy Geeks Rejoice! Ecobee to Offer Thermostat Control Via Iphone App

Michael Giberson Have you ever hopped into your car heading out of town, and thirty minutes down the road you wonder, “Did I remember to adjust the thermostat?” There will soon be an app for that, at least if you have Ecobee‘s thermostat and an iPhone. Tyler Hamilton reports: Toronto-based Ecobee Inc., which has developed a … More Energy Geeks Rejoice! Ecobee to Offer Thermostat Control Via Iphone App

Using Brain Waves to Write/Type

Lynne Kiesling How cool is this: a University of Wisconsin biomedical engineering student has developed a way to type using brain waves. He posted to Twitter using his brain, literally and not just metaphorically! That’s right, no keyboards, just a red cap fitted with electrodes that monitor brain activity, hooked up to a computer flashing … More Using Brain Waves to Write/Type

Experiments in Business

Michael Giberson “The level of experimentation is abysmal,” says Prof List. “These firms do not take full advantage of feedback opportunities they’re presented with. After seeing example after example, we sat down and said, ‘We have to try to do something to stop this.’ One change we could make is to teach 75 to 100 … More Experiments in Business

Hey, Someone in Bakersfield Just Bought Purple Converse Hi-Tops!

Lynne Kiesling Alex Tabarrok and Zappos FTW!!!!! Check out this ridiculously fun real-time map of Zappos shoe sales. I am sure that this has some massively important implications for social networking, fashion trends, and so on, but it’s also

Vampire Killers

Lynne Kiesling No, this is not a post about Buffy, this is about all of those electronic devices that use electricity in standby mode, or device chargers that you leave plugged in when you take your cell phone anad head to work. This very cool vampure graphic from Good points out the worst culprits: plasma … More Vampire Killers